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Our family wants to help make your family safer.

our story

Safety For Kids. Sanity For Parents.

The founders began PaLo Kids almost by accident.

While transitioning between the sale of one home and the purchasing of another, Regan temporarily moved in with Mike and Sarah. Being a mother of five and, like many parents, never getting a moment to herself, she longed for the chance to just sit down and have an adult conversation with her friends. 

Her two-year-old toddler was the primary source of constant interruptions, despite being the cutest darn kid ever. They were determined to create a place where he could have fun, be safe, and give the adults a little sanity.

So that night, all 3 contributed to this invention of the PaLo Dome with two main purposes in mind, kid’s safety first and parent’s sanity second. They looked at everything that was on the market and realized there were no products that met all of their expectations. So, together, they brainstormed and created exactly what they needed. 

That night their company PaLo Kids, LLC was born and as they say, the rest is history. 

Mike works in finance, Regan is a best-selling author and household parenting blogger, and Sarah is a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

With 7 kids between both families, they took everything a family would need from newborn through toddler+ years and are now delivering it to you.

To say the last 14 months have been a rollercoaster of both exhaustion and excitement of strategic planning and development would be an understatement, but as they now officially launch, PaLo Kids could not be more thrilled for you to get this into your hands.

Enjoy safety and sanity on us,
Mike, Regan & Sarah